​​by Mary Zimmerman
directed/produced by Nigel Semaj

Scenic, Lighting and Costume Design: Nigel Semaj

Sound Design: Tomas Correa 

Stage Management: Caroline Hertz 

Production Management: Lenoard Luvera, Santos Collado 

June 14-17 2017

The New School for Drama Summer Studio Series 

Created and Produced by Nigel Semaj B. 

Featuring: Ian Lawrence, Caroline Hertz, Kyle Ryan, Olivia Battle, Mike Spara, Riley Jo Payne, Yun Chin Chang, Kasey O'Brien, Sophia Rizzuto, Tomas Correa, Shannon Stowe, Julian Garnik, Jack Dryden, and Calley Anderson


Encountering an array of daunting challenges in their “first voyage of the world,” Jason and his crew illus­trate the essence of all such journeys to follow—their un­predictability, their inspiring and overwhelming breadth of emotion, their lessons in the inevitability of failure and loss. Bursts of humor and fantastical creatures enrich a story whose characters reveal remarkable complexity. Medea is profoundly sympathetic even as the seeds are sown for the monstrous life ahead of her, and the brute strength of Hercules leaves him no less vulnerable to the vicissitudes of love.