American Premiere. The dystopic comedy by award-winning playwright Bryony Lavery takes place at the Third Annual Slime Crisis Conference! Seven grad students, all fluent in animal languages, linguistics, and culture, join delegates of almost every species to save life on earth from a toxic slime. As they debate and translate for dolphins, seabirds, and polar bears, they ask, “Who is coming to save us?” The answer might surprise you….

By Bryony Lavery
Direction & Movement: Nigel Semaj
Stage Manager: Morgan Decker
Costume & Puppet Designer: Kehler Welland
Sound Designer: Sarah O’Halloran
Scenic Designers: Emerson Balthis & Nate Sinnott
Lighting Designer: Adam Mendelson
Associate Director: Alexander Hamilton
Associate Lighting Designer: Renata Taylor-Smith
Puppet Consultant: Colette Searls
Intimacy Choreographer: Katie Hileman
Assistant Director: Marlon Brown, Jr.
Assistant Stage Managers: Ann Davies, Sam Pelletier
Assistant Sound Designer: Jay Shovan
Assistant Costume Designer: Charlie Woods
Assistant Choreographer: Shomapti Hussain
Assistant Scenic Designer: Ezra Varyan Ormsby

Acting company: Misaki Weddington, Gabby Grant, Nia Zagami, Ifechukwu Alachebe, Sean DiGiorgio, Hannah Worley, Zach Shields, AnnaSophia Gutierrez, Wesley Mauder, Christian Price-Burnett, Lucas Sanchez, Jamia Tutt

All production photos by Kiirstn Pagan ‘11
April 2024
UMBC Theatre Proscenium Theater