THE Heidi Chronicles

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Dana Hiyajneh, Jacob Brittingham, Natalie Walden, Jason Bendezú, Amy Farkas, John Nichici, Kimberly Cartier, Kylie Schultz, Bonnie Spetzer

Written by Wendy Wasserstein

Directed by: Nigel Semaj 
Stage Managed by Ayla Fan
Scenic/Sound Design by: Nigel Semaj
Lighting Design by: Asher Atwood
Costume Design by: Megan Calon/Rob Arnold.

July 28-31, 2016 
State College Community Theatre 

PSU Downtown Theatre 

The Heidi Chronicles focuses on the women's movement of the late twentieth century, and is told through the story of Heidi Holland, who is first introduced as a high school student, and who eventually becomes a successful feminist art historian.