For Hylas: A Playlist

10,000 Moor

​​New Works/Adaptaions In Development 

An Adaptation of William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus 

Adapted by Nigel Semaj. 

This hour long all female adaptation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus explores further one of Shakespeare's notorious villains, Aaron The Moor. By exploring the narrative of what it means to do all you can to protect your children, this adaptation takes up a new reason for the violence these characters perpetrate - love. 

Conceived by Nigel Semaj from the Hercules Myth

Written by Calley N. Anderson and Nigel Semaj

For Hylas: A Playlist or 12 Labors of Guilt, Shame, and Love is the story of Hercules and Hylas told through song, poetry and dance. It is a playlist made by Hercules for the love of his life. . . Hylas. 
This adaptation explore queerness in Ancient Greek mythology focusing on a love story that hasn’t been traditionally told. 

This adaptation is currently being edited for a longer length. Its original length is 45 minutes.