director. choreographer. movement director

Written by Aeneas Sagar Hemphill 

Directed Jennie Russianoff 

Movement Direction/Choreography: Nigel Semaj B. 

High school is hard. Hormones run high, bullies are cruel, and pressure from adults can take its toll. For many, the internet is a safe haven--but it can also be something more sinister. When a young gamer's love goes unrequited, a breach of trust rocks the student body and fantasy and reality collide. An epic play about youth, love, and obsession in the internet age

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Written by Calley Anderson 

Directed by Nigel Semaj B. 

Five research study participants gather in a conference room. Their task appears simple and straight-forward: select 10 events from the year 1968 that they feel impacted the nation’s conscious and view of empathy. What transpires is a reflection of what is seen, heard, and missed when history, memory, and living bodies must merge in unflinching ways.

Prism House Theatre Company 

The New Ohio Theatre 

August 16 - 24, 2019 

Written by Matthew Zrebski

Directed by Nigel Semaj B. 

Produced by PrismHouse Theatre Company 

At an old abandoned high school on the outskirts of town, a group of loitering teenagers is suddenly surrounded by fire as the walls burn fast around them.  They find a hole in a corner of the gymnasium floor.  They jump in.  They survive the flames.  Then they realize...they are not alone...and someone is watching.  As their nineteen days of captivity progress, personal demons and vendettas emerge with ferocity, forcing them to either turn forever against each other…or fight for survival.  Based on his 2004 play, playwright and composer Matthew B. Zrebski has created a claustrophobic exploration of teenagers under the eye of a monstrous predator they can't see.  Almost entirely sung with occasional percussive sounds and rhythmic spoken word, Ablaze: an a cappella musical thriller is a bold experiment in musical theatre, and an unapologetic look at the lives of adolescents and the issues they must face.  

Location Pending 

Dates Pending

Location Pending 

Dates Pending

Collective Empathy Formation From 1968 And 2018 

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New Works In Development 

Written by Ruth Tang 

Directed by Nigel Semaj B.

Three children tell one another stories, memories, fabrications: they can't be quite sure which is which. Alaya remembers a teacher and a horse with a very big machete; Simon remembers a park and ice cream and a friendly man; Aka remembers baby tigers and blood. Maybe all of the stories are true. Maybe none of them are.

Ablaze: An A Cappella Musical Thriller

"the children"

The Troll King Rises ​